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Cloud Foundation Services

Secure your cloud with Landing Zones services to delivery backup, disaster recovery, security, governance, and end to end monitoring and alerting

Govern, Configure, Monitor & Secure Your Cloud Prior To Adoption

Using our enhanced version of Azure Landing Zones we will ensure your cloud environment is correctly configured and secured prior to adoption of any services.  We will facilitate end to end visibility and will ensure your IT teams are upskilled and prepared to engage on this journey.

Our approach ensures the necessary foundations are in place prior to adopting cloud services.

  • Detailed risk analysis and remediations

  • Cloud environment configured with the necessary governance

  • Security services enabled to protect cloud and on-premise systems

  • Backup and recovery protecting cloud and on-premise systems

  • Automatic updating of your on-premise and cloud software

  • End to end visibility using our A4S Lighthouse service.

  • Cost management, budget controls and cost alerts configured

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