A4S Monitor

Monitor, Alert, Visualise, Analyse Trends

Monitor Everything With A4S Hybrid Cloud Monitor

Do you need a single platform to monitor all of your cloud and on-premise IT infrastructure? 


The A4S Monitor solution provides you with real time and retrospective data against your IT infrastructure including products such as CISCO switches and routers, Azure cloud, AWS, Office 365, Dynamics, Firewalls, VSphere, Hyper-V and much more. 

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A4S Monitor Portal

Alerts against important events can be sent to your IT teams via different methods such as SMS, Email, Slack, Teams.


Your data will reside in your environments, the A4S Monitor solution securely connects to your cloud and on-premise environments using custom data collectors and then presents it back to you from our secure Azure UK based platform.


Azure Status Page

Access the Official Azure Status page to see detailed information about Azure availability and performance.


Office 365 Status Page

Access the Official Microsoft Office 365 status page for the latest performance and availability status information.