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A4S Support Services

Detect, Log, Analyse, Resolve, Improve

Supporting Your Services, Improving Security, Reduce Costs, Optimise

At A4S we know how important it is to have the skills and/or partners in place to support your environments, that's why we believe in upskilling our clients to implement continuous improvements throughout the lifetime of their cloud environments through our methods of delivery.

Many of our clients just want to focus on delivering benefit to their own customers and rely on our services to ensure their environments are safe, secure and optimised, we provide different services to our clients as shown below:


  • Reactive support via our service desk team

  • Proactive support services which include:

    • A4S Lighthouse, a hosted monitoring and alerting platform for cloud and on-premise

    • A4S Lighthouse, a hosted suite of service owner KPI dashboards

    • Proactive cost reduction reporting and improvements

    • Service Operations, ongoing operational monitoring and incident management

    • Software update services for on-premise and cloud Windows instances

    • Managed Security Incident and Event Management services

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