Another Successful Moment For A4S Monitor

A4S Monitor is able to monitor almost anything, in this case we managed to get to the bottom of a long standing issue with a clients VPN connection and firewall, as you can see below we were able to prove the issue was not the server infrastructure within the client's environment.

Using a mixture of firewall checks and connectivity checks both inside and outside of the client's environment we were able to pinpoint the exact location of the issue.

A4S Monitor is plugged into many other areas of the client's environment from authentication so Dynamics 365 to give a whole end to end view of their services, the solution is able to provide a huge amount of operational detail both from the end user perspective and also under the surface by examining various logs and performance information.

Future monitoring and alerting may extend to other day to day operations such as visualising and alerting on print queues.

A final version of the Always On VPN Monitoring and Alerting dashboard is shown below:

Below we've highlighted the different sources of information being used and presented in the same view:

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The A4S Team