Disaster Recovery Using Azure Site Recovery Services

We're speaking with a valued client about a potential Azure Site Recovery (ASR) Services project, this is an exciting and very powerful discussion as ASR projects can be very effective at bringing huge security and operational benefits at the same time as significantly reducing a clients revenue costs.

Azure Site Recovery is very effective at reducing your costs by removing the need for a second full time data centre managed either by yourselves or being provided by a third party (colocation), additionally that second data centre may be hosting servers, storage and networking that all incur running costs, need supplier agreements and potentially eat into your operational support time. When not in use; ASR charges for a monthly per server license, storage and IOPs, this can be significantly less that a second data centre.

Our experience has shown that even 40 plus heavy workloads being replicated over a shared 200Mbps internet circuit will have very low RPOs on average between 2 to 8 minutes, this means failover will result in your server assets being extremely up to date and ready to start working within a very short amount of time.

ASR also makes the process of testing disaster recovery failover very easy and non-service disruptive by creating copies of your workloads in an isolated network environment whilst leaving production workloads in place and still being protected by replication.

Other benefits include some of our clients using ASR to use the same process as mentioned above to create accurate point in time copies of workloads in an isolated environment to use as test environments, this can give back significant capacity to your on-premise hypervisor and storage to be used for other production workloads and removes the need to implement sometimes complex and costly non-production environments on-premise.

Finally have you ever wished you could script your disaster recovery drills and actually live failovers?

ASR allows you to script and interact with any element of your technical DR failover process in the cloud or on-premise to ensure each step is 100% consistent each time.

A hugely successful recent delivery for the North West's largest housing association Your Housing Group is described here and details many of the elements involved in a complex ASR project.

ASR projects aren't just about disaster recovery, they can bring far more benefit that initially considered, and ensuring a workload functions in the cloud needs careful planning and sometimes a re-design of some elements of your environment to ensure effective integration and failover.

If you're interested in how ASR can be used to bring benefit to your organisation then please get in touch!


The A4S Team!