Infrastructure-as-Code versus Manual Deployment

The shift from manual infrastructure deployment to hybrid cloud deployments using Infrastructure as code (IaC) is becoming the next big thing as manual deployments are:

  • Expensive

  • Decrease Agility

  • Often have logistical issues

The manual deployment process can be considered generally unreliable, inconsistent and has a high risk of deviating from the agreed SLAs. As 'human error' can never be removed entirely from a manual process a level of automation is required that eliminates the need for manual steps and relies solely on the latest build version of the code, this is where IaC steps in. The ability to automatically spin up infrastructure in production, development and test environments with zero errors from source controlled scripts in record time has put IaC at the top of the pile when it comes to 'must haves' for business operations.

The key to successfully implementing IaC in-line with your companies existing structure is to combine it with the correct tactical strategy, and follow three simple principles:

  • Repeatability of deployment

  • Highly flexible

  • Version controlled dynamic design

Even when these principles are followed a number of stumbling blocks can arise:

  • Demand for new skills

  • Configuration Shift

  • Duplication of errors

In conclusion, when IaC is used in the front line of your operations, results can be delivered consistently and within known timeframes. The end goal is to completely avoid manual configuration, leveraging huge cost and time savings. IaC goes hand in hand with the devops methodologies, making the entire deployment process for efficient, reliable, scale-able and agile.

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