Housing Systems In Azure For Your Housing Group

Over 40 business critical workloads such as housing & repairs solution and Biztalk protected using Azure Site Recovery with automated failover and startup scripts, providing some RPOs lower than 5 minutes, supported by a remote desktop, file replication services and Windows domain infrastructure.

A4S Cloud Solutions successfully migrated Your Housing Groups' housing management system into Azure, following extensive redevelopment of the client's Biztalk and Accuserv interfacing using tool sets such as DFS-N, Server 2016 and custom PowerShell scripting.

This activity is to meet the client's disaster recovery needs, and provides confidence in our approach to this complex requirement.

This achievement has been the result of several months of work which have been spent auditing, redesigning and re-implementing the client's complex application environment which includes many systems such as Biztalk, repairs, housing and finance solutions, and much more to ensure complex business functions that depend on the continued integration with Dynamics 365 continue to function.

A4S Cloud Solutions solution heavily leverages Azure Site Recovery and the flexibly compute and network capabilities of Azure, application provision us maintained through a fully resilient RDS 2016 environment that utilises Azure Load Balancers and Azure SQL.

This has been a joint effort with significant joint resource commitment to achieve this exciting goal.

We hope to continue to work closely with Your Housing Group to migrate many more systems into Azure so that in the event of a disaster their critical functions continue to operate.