Taking Care During VM Migrations

Keeping a client's environment safe and functional during a migration effort is important, for this reasons we take extra care by using A4S Monitor to visualise and alert IT infrastructure essential for maintaining business application performance.

It's simple conscientiousness to ensure the client is aware of any impact during such a big change, in this replication for Azure migration is via their internet connection which contends with the clients VPN connection into Azure this particular check monitor real life performance between Azure and on-premise domain controller in terms of latency and will alert the client's Service Desk team and A4S teams should there be an issue.

During migration this is essential to maintain awareness of impact during VM migration, post Azure migration this check will be essential to ensure visibility of overall VPN performance that will affect application provision back to on-premise resources. The overall dashboard is below:

The client's Windows 10 VPN will move into Azure at the appropriate moment in the migration schedule and will depend on NPS and RADIUS, luckily we also have a monitoring and alerting dashboard for that:

In summary, keeping a close eye on our client's environment is critical, it's important to maintain visibility of day to day performance and to maintain client confidence.

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