Wanted to share a managing directors perspective....happy to share and hear from others!

We feel trust is everything in a supplier client relationship, and like any relationship; behaviours such as honesty and transparency are critical. The client depends on the supplier to understanding their needs and to propose a solution (or solutions) that best meets their requirements, at the right cost and risk level.

It's important to listen carefully to your clients and to really understand the bigger picture such as the current political situation within a business, there may be a history of events that inform any transformation plans, for example; the client may have experienced painful failures or projects that have under delivered against some high business expectations which would naturally place great pressure on any new ventures. It's important to understand and appreciate the pressures faced by your stakeholders and to work closely with them to overcome barriers created by past disappointments and to succeed together.

Every experience should be an education, we learn from our customers skills, experience and capabilities, also being a supplier we have the privilege of being seen as experts and to hold a clients trust, we're commonly making design and approach decisions that have great impact on project duration, complexity, risk of failure and chances of success, we're also having huge influence on how your client stakeholders will be seen internally by their peers, and can have a tangible and real time affect on their careers, our failure or success is shared.

We've come across plenty of examples where a clients political situation had a bearing on the solution proposed, where appropriate we've worked with the client to deliver a solution that has an easier service transition experience and over a less challenging timeline, and has a better chance of success whilst reducing pressure.

Our approach to managing delivery includes being very transparent and working closely with our clients, for example our project logs, schedules and burn down calculations are shown in realtime, this allows our clients to have a real time view of project activities, provide feedback, challenge and support, there are no surprises. The platform we utilise is universally appreciated and actively used by all of our clients and greatly improves communication whilst reducing email traffic, it's a win win.

Finally we return to our hybrid cloud approach that focuses on re-use, extending the life of on-premise infrastructure, reduces the volume of change and increases the chances of success. we're less interested in selling on-premise hardware and licensing, and more interested in delivering new capabilities into a client's environment to transform their business.

In summary; we believe such complex, risky laden and expensive activities need the best relationship possible because not everything goes right, and when difficult conversations need to be had, then being open and transparent is the right way forwards to encourage trust and shared learning.

Am I right, wrong or somewhere in the middle, what do you think?

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