Webinar For Shared Cloud Challenges & Questions

Many of our clients are sharing the same challenges and questions when it comes to cloud adoption, these are hurdles that can often be overcome through discussion and knowledge sharing, to that end A4S will be hosting a range of webinars to get stakeholders from a range of public sectors to discuss and to share potential solutions.

So far the topics that have been requested are shown below, dates and times are currently set as mid week 8am starts for 45 minutes though this may change as attendee preferences become clearer.

  1. Azure cost control

  2. Additional Azure solutions that bring practical benefit

  3. Monitoring and alerting for on-premise and cloud

  4. Security management

  5. Disaster recovery

  6. Defining a cloud strategy

  7. Windows virtual desktop use cases

  8. Common issues with well known applications when hosting in the cloud

  9. Setting long term cloud strategy

Click here to see our organised and upcoming events with more details, agendas and joining instructions!


The A4S Team!