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Security Services

Detect and remove vulnerabilities, avoid or recover from disaster

Security With Functionality

In an era of intangibles and invisible data, it is hard to achieve true peace-of-mind about the safety of your firm’s sensitive information. Our security services provide you with a safe and watertight defence mechanism against malicious forces, ensuring your corporate information is safe and secure.


Furthermore, should your firm encounter a technological disaster our services will allow you to be back up and running in a much shorter timeframe than otherwise would be expected. In a modern workplace, being able to prepare for and prevent breaches is essential, facilitating the continuity of your operations even in the face of adversity.


The move towards a more secure working environment can be one that induces confusion about implementation and maintenance, which is why at A4S we are always on hand to assist you in your transition with expert advice and a friendly face coming as standard. Make your data more secure with A4S today, and build strong foundations for future sustainability and growth.


fewer security incidents will be experienced by cloud IaaS when compared to traditional on-premise DCs


of companies plan to increase their cloud security using solutions with as multi-factor authentication


of IT experts find managing privacy and protection in the cloud more difficult highlighting the need for skills and training

End To End Monitoring In One Solution

A4S Monitor is a solution that can monitor almost every aspect of your IT infrastructure and bring together an extremely power suite of monitoring and alerting capabilities.


The ability to monitor all different aspects of your IT infrastructure solutions means you can contrate on the information and visualisation that mean the most to you, you can take a service focused perspective and show every element of infrastructure for a particular service from LAN, to compute, to Azure cloud and all the way to your Dynamics 365 environment.


Additional we can provide monitoring and alerting for your day to day IT infrastructure operations and give you visualisations for functions such as authentication, printing, VMWare and Hyper-V, all of which can alert into almost any channel or device.

  • Your data stays in your environment, our solutions integrate with your cloud and on premise environments and then report on your systems status and behaviours.

  • A range of infrastructure focused dashboards to report on your servers and hypervisors from VMWare or Microsoft.

  • A range of day to day functionality dashboards to report and alert on activities such as printing.

  • Dashboards focused on authentication that will alert on Azure Active Directory, Azure multi-factor authentication and on-premise failures.

  • Alerting into a wide range of channels including Slack, MS Teams, SMS, Email and much more.